Here are a couple of success stories and unsolicited testimonials of the people that re-gained their lives from the living hell of a variety of autoimmune diseases.


Success story no.1: Latisha Derron, Bisbee , USA

"Last Christmas I was rushed to the hospital after I blacked out from the pain in a supermarket...Finding your website was the best thing that ever happened to me.
A million thanks for your dedication."


"Dear Julia, I remember that I cried every night at beginning of my long lupus struggle. I was just a girl that was supposed to enjoy her youth and most of the time I was just "nailed" to the sofa in a fetal position. After a while, I got used to the life of misery, depression and pain and did what nobody should ever do - I watched passively as my life was passing by and accepted that I'll never be better. I read about your book in a newspaper and looked it up. That day changed, I am healed both physically and mentally. Now, I am just your next door teacher. And I'm happy. May God bless you for giving me my freedom back."

Latisha Derron, Bisbee, Arizona

Success story no.2: Tammy Dobbs, Stoke City, UK

"Your 5-step system was the only thing that brought me salvation from Rheumatoid Arthritis..."


"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 3 years ago. Also, I had a mitral valve prolapse...

Very soon I became so weak that I was unable to do any of teh things that a normal person does. When anybody would touch my hands or wrists I would cry from the overwhelming pain. I remember that at one point my CPK (muscle enzyme) level was 5,650...

...within 6 months after finding your eBook I am born again. I am now close to complete remission and able to lead a normal life. I owe you everything I am today."

Tammy Dobbs, Stoke City, UK

Success story no.3: Brenda Rubinstein, Dubbo , Australia

"My psoriasis rash was so discusting that I would stay home for weeks...teh rash started clearing out within 10 days of your protocol"


"I can understand all the ill people out there but if your disease becomes a reason why people don't want to sit beside you on a bus, that is espcially frustrating...

It all started with a bit of flaking skin on my elbows and turned into a life-defining fact of my life, and wherever I looked, nos solution was to be found...

It was years of steroid creams and all sorts of other drugs and "cures" that I tried, just to end up right where I started every time. Before I applied the principles of your protocol it was just a question of time when psoriasis would come back with a vengeance and ruin my social life

Today, I am 8 and a half montsh in complete remission and I am happy vibrant person..."

Brenda Rubinstein, Dubbo , Australia

Success story no.4: Amy David, Chicago, Illinois

"In the period from 2000 to 2008 I was hospitalized 6 times because of my Crohn's disease..."

"The worts part was when the skin lesions kicked in and I had severe Erythem Nodosum on my back and what looked liek a start of Gangrenosum and necrotic tissue aas my doctrs explained...

I heard about your protocol on the TV one day and I knew I had nothing to loose. I am so proud of myself that I did not hesitate and made the first step towards health the same day. I looked your program up online and got a hold of a copy of yoyr eBook...

I am completely free of any symptoms for over ayear now and my skin is clear and nobody can recognize me when I shoe them the pictures from only 2 years ago...thanks a million"

Amy David, Chicago, Illinois

Success story no.5: Miriam Delany, Berlin, Germany

"By my mid twenties I was a professional patient suffering
from sarcoidosis and I thought I would never get better..."


"I was 22 when i went to see my doctor about a wheezing in my lungs and fatigue and after some tests he told me he suspects I have sarcoidosis.

Very fast my CNS became affected and I had facial palsy, which caused half of my face to drop and destroy my self-cofidence in one day... I was on heavy doses of Prednisone all the terrible side effects that follow it made a living hell out of my life.

I shiver at teh very thought of where I would be if a friend of mine did not send me a link to your, I am 3 months pregnant and happy to be alive, no traces of my terrible diseases anywhere on teh horizon, and all thanks to what I've learned in the Autoimmunity Bible and Norton Protocol"

Miriam Delany, Berlin, Germany

Success story no.6: Anna Godfrois, Sousse, Tunisia

"The first time I read your ebook I could not control my anger and discust about all teh things that my doctor was not telling me about my Behcet's"


" disease progressed to a point where I could not perform either of the duties of a mother and a wife...fatigued and deformed with rashes and mouth ulcers, I thought my life was over..

I am the type of person who pursues solutions and I found your website when I googled for information about my disease.

At the moment I am completely free and what I enjoy the most are the looks on my doctor's face who kept telling me that I am pretty much doomed to short periods of remission and flares

Pray to god other people with an autoimmune disorder find salvation in your protocol as I did..."

Anna Godfrois, Sousse, Tunisia

Success story no.7: Hanna Assou, New York, USA

"I abandoned all hope of leading a normal life when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis..."


"I kept telling everyone that something is wrong with me and nobody would listen saying that it's all in my head...not long after that I was diagnosed with this demonic disease and by 2009 I was in second stage MS and was in fact dying from this thing...

I am almost sure that I would not be here to type this if I haven't found your website on a public forum where people talked about your ebook...

Within weeks into implementing teh core priciples, I was surprised of how my strenght started coming back to my and how I had more control of my limbs once again.

I thin there is a destiny and mine was to get sick and find you...if you ar eever in New York, you are the most welcome guest in my house...

God bless."

Hanna Assou, New York

Success story no.8: Debra Green, Dunedin, New Zealand

"I have not felt so vibrant and powefull i na decade,
ever since I was diagnosed with Sjorgen's syndrome"


"It's beeen 10 years since I have started my struggle with Sjorgen's syndrome, abnormal doses of Prednisone that made my hair thin and burnt red were enough to stop the symtoms on my blood vessels but before you know it I would develop heavy lung problems that made it impossible to bread. The doctors then would address this and I would get pains in my liver and tests woudl show terrible was a rollercoater from hell for me...

I read a text in teh newspapars about a holistic protocol called the Norton protocol and as soon as I got home I wnet onlin in pursuit of information.

In teh last year, I have very mild symptoms that are weaker ever month and I feel that the moment is close when I 'll be able to say that I am "cured".

Thanks you for your dedication. Regards from New Zealand,

Debra Green, Dunedin, New Zealand

Success story no. 9: Jimmy Polsen, Stoke City - UK

"My scleroderma would completely destroy my life if I haven't found your book, when I reda other people's stories I am even more sure of that"


Amy"It all started with paind in my finger in May 2006 which made my job impossible to do (I am a car mechanic). I did not hav ethe ertsnght in my fingers to unscrew anything and I was terrified. Soon, my finger sstarted getting swollend and my light hand arm and elbow just became strangely stiff. After my positive ANA tests, my doctor's were sure - it was scleroderma.

By end 2007 and I was a wreck. coudl not swallow food, I was exhausted all the time and in the world of unimaginable pain.

...I remmebred that I cried like rain after a month of your protocol when the first time I recognized that I think I found my solution when all hope was gone. It is fair to say that I owe you my life.

Just hope other people with this thing find out about teh Norton protocol before tehy go through what I went through.

Hugs from UK"

Jimmy Polsen, Stoke City - UK


This is just a small part of over 450 testimonials I have about the efficiency of the Aden protocol. I hope that your testimonial will be on these pages within a couple of months.


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